Johnny B
Johnny B is semi retired these days and spends much of his time writing new and original songs for other artists all around the world.  He also produces graphics for all manner of uses including the fashion industry and for books. He is a published artist in many formats from music to various forms of print media. He also produces his own jewellery & fashion graphic designs as well.

If you're an artist and you'd like some original songs for your next album please contact him.
You only have to pay industry royalty returns and there's no other upfront charges.

Johnny has all his available demos on his Youtube page Here.
Just listen through the original playlists. There are hundreds of original songs to go through.
Johnny has produced over 400 original songs.
Johnny also produces most of his own backing tracks too so if you want a copy of that he can also make it available or you can put your own take on his original songs to suit your own style more.

Johnny B
PO Box 4145
Geelong Vic. 3220

Just a few of my original songs waiting for someone to record them.
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The Johnny B Clothing Design Label.
Manufacturers looking for new original graphic designs can contact me by email.

Find thousands of my graphic textile deigns here:
The Johnny B Jewellery Logo - My jewellery designs can be found on the sites below.

Jewellery Generation -
Jewellery Generation -
The Johnny B Jewellery Range
The Johnny B Textile Designs
Visit my Australian Pictorials website to see more of Australia.  I produce all these town pictorials.